Catholics Should Read More Catholic Blogs

In this age of Computers, Smartphones, and a veritable information highway, there are more ways than ever to stay connected to the multitude of important Catholics with computersIMG_0500. Many who live in parishes with intolerable music, heretical sermons, and people who kneel with their butts on the pew – parishes where everyone is told to hold hands at the Lord’s Prayer to show and foster community find to their surprise a far more powerful feeling of community and belonging on their computers at home in a blogosphere full of like minded Catholics clinging precariously to tradition in their real world settings.

The time has definitely come for us to reflect on the immense treasure this veritable cathedral of blogs has become for the Catholic Church. Obedient to the command to go forth to all nations, proclaiming the gospel, the Church has produced many wonders, but perhaps none of such pathos as the intricately interconnected Catholic blogosphere. Clearly it is time for the Faithful and Zealous community of people with otherwise no connection to whom this artifice owes its existence to realize the earthsIMG_0501.JPGhaking importance of its mission and get serious, drastically increasing the number of these blogs, and those related, like Catholic blogs on manliness and dating, as well as increasing readership by adding as many blogs as possible to each reader’s as it were daily diet.

It is truly admirable how many Catholic moms, burdened as we know they are by innumerable concerns and children, carve out a time in their days to write and comment profusely on these blogs. Why have healthy, able-bodied, young Catholics not resolved to devoting the majority of their days to this activity in greater numbers? This is something we can all pray about.

I would ask you to really consider of what tremendous benefit it is for a “Catholic Youth” as they call him, who is forced by his parents to attend a Novus Ordo every Sunday, where the sermon has no substance, fails to mention at least one of the articles of Faith – a liturgy accompanied by illicit guitars, inept singing, and liberal hymns, – who receives communion on the tongue from a confused “Eucharistic Minister” – at a parish comprised almost entirely of people with almost no understanding of the real presence or their faith, and most of whom do not really care about each other – imagine what a saving grace it is for him to come home and call down fire on all these people with his keyboard in a welcoming community where, exclusively, he can fulfill himself as a “teenager,” – but in a way that shows that he does not belong to this degenerate culture – expressing his anger in a harmless way while listening to Gregorian chant over headphones.

Let me ask you this one question: where does his devotion really grow greater? At a practically sacraligous Mass, a manifestation of the desolation that has filled our Church since the disaster of the sixties? – one that would fill him with righteous wrath if he was not so distracted by the music? – or online, learning the true and Orthodox Faith the Church has always taught from true friends?

Clearly the saints of the near future will not be bishops, parish preists, or monks, but rather the humble computer users who steeped themselves in the firey furnce of devotion and right docJohn's_Lane_Church_Exterior,_Dublin,_Ireland_-_Dilifftrine that is the Catholic Blogosphere.

Clearly two things are in order, which, of course, our wayward bishops will never approve: Official Blessings for Catholic blogs with digital holy water and liquid crystal oil, and a new order devoted entirely to adding good comments to this tremendous worldwide undertaking of the faithful. Whereas books were preserved by thin, hard skinned, monks despised by the world in the past,the monks of today will work for the faithful becoming fat and pimpley, sacrificing their sexual attractiveness in an act of supreme chastity.

If you think this is important, repost or write a similar post – keep this movement growing. Maybe someday, when statues return to our churches, there will be a statue of you.

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